Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's all in the detail - pt2

So, it's time to run through the next batch of modifications I made

9 - added a small box in front of vents 5 and 6 on the wheelhouse side
10 - put domes inside the vent boxes.  These are just rubber feet sprayed gloss white
11 - added the sockets on the wheelhouse sides by the side steps
12 - added the conduit for the whip aerial leads
13 - changed the aerial arrangement on the mast and added new aerials

and inside the wheelhouse
14 - added the bars inside the front windows
15 - scratch built the switch panel by the radio operator and added handsets on the radio panel
16 - put seat belts on all crew seats and
17 - modified the grab rails

Next time, I'll finish off by looking at the stern and by then, hopefully the carrying box will be finished.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

It's all in the detail (pt1)

I've got three things to do before cracking on with the Tamar, aside from a few bits of detail on the Trent.  First, I have to build a box for transport, which I've just started, secondly I need to gee up my mate who's machining the trim tab rams and mounts for me, and third I have some crew figures to make.

So, with nothing boat related to report on, I thought I'd run down some of the modifications I've made to the standard kit.  Some were easy, some not; some I've mentioned in earlier posts.  I wanted though to put them all in one place, or rather a couple of posts, for easy-ish reference.
So, here's a list of what I have done, from the bow towards the stern:
1     reshaped the pulpit rail, it's less pointy now
2     modified the first hand rail stantion on each side
3     modified the front of the wheelhouse and built the valve recess with valve
4     reshaped the railing on the front of the wheelhouse
5     modified the bracket for the ship's bell under the front port window
6     fitted correct profile wiper boxes
7     scratch built the engineer's panel in the roof of the wheelhouse above the front consoles
8     added a solar panel

More next time...

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Devil's in the Detail

This week has seen me finish the flybridge radios and also the cables for the whip aerials.

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a photo of the component parts for the radios, well here they are all done:
I have to admit to being pleased with the result!  Even the handset looks ok even though it's a simplification of the real one.

The cables for the whip aerials were a relative breeze.  Having already fixed the conduits prior to painting the wheelhouse, it was just a matter of adding the photo etched sockets and then 2 lengths of cable either side.  A little cheat but you can't tell...

There's not much left to do now as I'm waiting for the trim tab rams to be made up by my mate with a lathe.  He's not thinking of milling the parts so I'll have to wait and see.  Just a few more job that I can think of other than that: the ropes on the A frame block as well as the lights; the emergency steering gear and; a couple of small vents by the back of the wheelhouse - the latter two to be scratch built so watch this space.

More pressing though, as, hopefully, I'll be moving house soon, is building a box for the boat.  So less model making in the next week or so, more cabinet making.  And then, it'll be time to start the Tamar.