Friday, 25 March 2016

Never Mind the Bollards

This is a post of old and new.  I made the bow and stern bollards and the capstan some time ago, but didn't think they justified a post on their own.  Still here they are;

Made as per the kit instructions from the supplied plastic tube and nice photo-etch for the bases.

The bollards on each side took a little more thinking about.  That's because the stern pair are larger and possible squatter than the forward pair; so the kit parts will be used for the latter.  After some head starching, I bought a pair of 1/12 bollards from Model Slipway's lifeboat parts range and set about them with my saw!  So. I cut the tops of each one and cut a section out of the base.  Before and after below;

I then cut out the brace between each pair of bollards.  The shortened bases were then glued back together and I made new braces and tops for each bollard from plasticard.  Here's the results;

Hopefully, I'll not leave it too long before posting again!