Sunday, 18 March 2012

Born in a Barn

It had to happen some time; I've cut out the transom door and deck hatch for the Y-boat.  I was a little worried as once cut, any mistakes were going to be trouble to put right.  So, I measured and measured again before cutting.  The cut lines were covered in masking tape (Tamiya as the marking can be seen through) as it protects the gel coat on the hull and deck.

So poised with the cutting disc in my Dremel, I went to work.  This photo shows things part way through.

I've also started making the parts for the Y-boat recess.  These are also shown in the photo along with the  door and inside.  both need adjusting for width and the transom angle.  I used plans from the RNLI for the initial shapes and dimensions.  The photo below is with the transom door cut out.  Hopefully its accurate enough to use for the door itself.  The next step is to temporarily fix the side panels to the floor for test fitting, but that's to come.