Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mast(erblaster) Part 2

Work on the mast has continued.  The braces are all on as is the bracket for the upper mast.  That was the trickiest part; in fact the two pieces forming the top 'V' took me all day to get right!  Still all's well that ends well.  All parts are 3.2mm brass tube save for the sleeve for the upper mast which is 4mm brass tube.

Here's a few photos of work so far;

I need to re-align the base tube for the upper as it's very slightly off the vertical.  I also need to remove on of the support pieces in order to fit the platform for the radar as it should be one piece from to back.  I'm not sure yet whether to make it from 0.5mm styrene or 0.5mm brass.

Just the bottom pieces to go and then attention turns to the top mast, mast platforms, radar, lights and wiring...