Friday, 17 June 2016

Leave a Light On

After about 18 months of um-ing and ar-ing, I've tackled the small lights in the front of the wheelhouse though they're not working!

On the actual boats, these lights are in small recesses whereas they are etched parts in relief on the the kit.  I couldn't be sure that in making the recesses, I could get them to match the etched parts.  So I gave up on the idea and painted the wheelhouse.  It then dawned on me that I'd been daft and didn't need use the kit's etched parts!

So, for that reason and a couple of others, I bit the bullet and resigned myself to a respray.  The other issues were that the hole I'd drilled for the mast servo linkage was made before I built the mast.  That meant it was on the assumption that the mast arches are square and not that they widened towards the bottom.  Also, the joint of the vent boxes and the USP floor could  have been improved.

So here's a pic of the light recesses roughly, a little too roughly, drilled

and here's the finished job post respray.  The lights are lenses for model cars.