Monday, 17 June 2013

Reel Gone Kid

This time, I've been working on the back of the wheelhouse, trying to finish of the various storage boxes and vent housings that I'd started ages ago.  Some of the boxes have warped slightly so I added squares aof styrene inside to sqaure them up.

I've also added som detail to the hose reel  and tow rope boxes.  The component parts are below;
I've made a reel for the tow rope, which will be the appropriate size blind cord added after painting.  Small slices or tube were glued inside the box to add as a location of the reel and allow the box and reel to be pained separately.  The fire hose box has been slightly modified around the lid and a hose reel added.  The hose is heatshrink tube superglued to a 2.4mm brass rod.  The 'guard above the hose reel box is 2.4mm styrene tube with 0.5mm styrene strip where it joins the wheelhouse.  I've also made backing plates for all of the boxes in this area.  These will be fitted before painting and will hopefully allow the boxes to be painted separately from the wheelhouse but still allowing a positive fix.  Anyway, this shows the reel boxes in place; more next time.