Monday, 19 December 2011

Bow Thruster

Over the last couple of weeks, inbetween moving house, I've been attempting to fit the bow thruster to the Tamar hull.  Despite the template in the instructions, I've made this much more difficult than it should have been, hence no photos yet, I want to get it sorted before showing my mistakes!  Somehow, I couldn't get the tube straight and had to greatly enlarge on of the holes in the hull.  Still with the advice Model Slipway have given and some luck it ought to be ok.  I might still need to be a little creative with the waterline/boot topping though!

On a more positive notes, the mounting plates for the Trent trim tabs have been machined;

I'm very pleased with how they've come out, I just need some 1mm brass wire for the hoopsnow; I couldn't get a consistent shape with steel wire.  I'm confident the ram assemblies will look pretty good once finished.

Next time I should be posting about how the bow thruster saga ends!