Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fending off

I was on holiday last week so didn't get much done.  But, hols were in Cornwall so went to have a look at the actual boat I'm modelling.

This weekend has seen some progress though.  The wheelhouse is nearly finished, or at least back where it was before the respray.  I've also made a start on the fendering.  I bought an upgrade to the kit fendering from Speedline Models as although not exactly cheap, it is a worthwhile improvement.  So, the main run around the hull is now on.  Only the tricky bits to do now then!

I've also now fixed the bow roller, bollard, capstan and anchor chain guide on as shown in this pic;

This pic also shows the mods I've made to this area of the boat.  I've reshaped the pulpit rail and superstructure rails, added a chequer anti-slip plate between the bow roller and bollard and reshaped the front of the wheelhouse to include the fire hydrant and its recess.

Well, it's getting there I reckon.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Progress of sorts

Finally, what feels like progress.  I've got most of the hull fittings on, and the wheelhouse is nearly back to the stage I had it before the respray.  Also, I've had her in the water and the boot topping is in the right place; somewhat of a relief.  

However, I dropped the side railing which broke a stantion about a third of the way up.  No problem I thought, a little superglue gel will fix it.  Unfortunately though the glue seems to have turned the plastic soft and it didn't reset.  So I've had to chop it up, and this is what it looks like:
So the plan is to repair the damage this week and then re-paint it.

I've also made progress with the flybridge stairs which are now in place;
I've remodelled the stairs by adding in the 'half landing' and modifying the rails accordingly.  I simply cut the kit stairs in half at the correct point and added a bigger 5th step and side pieces.  I got the rails shape by simply redrawing the shape on the plans.  

Also, under the stairs is the X boat outboard and its frame.  Just visible to are the bolts added to the bollard base plate and the engine hatches.  These are in fact cut down Amati pins though the ones in each corner of the engine hatches are full length and secure the hatches in place.

I'm aiming to finish the wheelhouse this week or next and then it's on to fixing the railings. 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

So, since it's been a while since I posted, what have I achieved?  Well, the hull is now painted and I've re-painted the wheelhouse.  The finish isn't perfect but after all this time, it's good enough.  The result, minus the deck colour is here.

It's the last time I use Plastikote spray paint for major parts, Halfords all the way in the future.  I'm also beginning to re fix fittings to the wheelhouse.  Hopfully, not too long before I'll have the wheelhouse as it was before the repaint.

In the meantime, I wanted to record the various mods I've made, starting with the back of the wheelhouse;
Here, the X Boat locker is taller, there's an axe underneath and the liferaft frames are re-shaped with ribbon used for the straps.  I've also scratchbuilt the stowage frame for the X Boat outboard and on the flying bridge are storage boxes for the searchlights.  More next time.