Saturday, 22 September 2018

Close the Door

I have been making progress and after too many years, I've nearly finished my Tamar.  One of the biggest tasks recently has been getting the transom door opening mechanism working, and also the mast lifting mechanism.

The transom door was first and now works.  It's operated by a sailing arm servo, attached to a square brass tube to which the 'hydraulic' rams attach.  The rams rum through the square tube and are adjustable at that end.  I had initially considered trying to also fit dummy hydraulic cylinders to but that would have been very complicated and they're inboard anyway so barely visible.

This is the mechanism

...and this is the door in operation.

The deck hatches are also on.  I used miniature hinges rather than the kit parts.  The hatches were heated and shaped to the deck curvature before cutting into the four parts.  the next job here is to make hinges to attach the moving 'bridge' piece that spans the gap between the boat and open transom door.