Tuesday, 5 August 2014

All Hooked Up

I'm trying to get the cabin to a stage where it can be painted.  As usual though, just when I think I've thought of everything that first needs doing, there's more to add to the list.  And today the weather broke, so out with the sunny and perfect spray painting conditions and in with rain.  So painting is postponed anyway!

After the long job of the cabin interior, I've been adding bits and pieces to the cabin.  So, the holes are now drilled for the whip aerials, the boat hook boxes are fitted and the safety line anchor points are marked.  I'll add these last as they are white metal and got a bit knocked on the Trent.

I've also been making the brackets for the comms speakers as these are quite prominent on the front of the wheelhouse, although less so at the stern.  These will be painted on the inward face and then glued to the cabin as it would be difficult to ger full paint coverage once they're attached.

I'm hoping that all that's now left to add are the vac form radome and the SIMS screen for the flying bridge/USP.  I'm using a keyring digital photoframe but need to wire it up for a remote switch and battery box.