Monday, 18 June 2012

Cabin Fever

I've turned my attention back to the wheelhouse of late.  So as to keep my sanity, I've been working on the front and the back!  I say sanity because until now the parts have fitted superbly.  However, the wheelhouse front parts all need very careful trimming and fitting.  Now, the instructions warn about this but it's not an easy task to line everything up and trim correctly.  The photo shows the parts and the upright in the front of the shot is marked up with the last of the cuts to be made.  It took a couple of evenings scratching my head but I got there in the end.  What I can't really fathom though is why all of these parts are oversize to begin with given the precision of the rest of the kit.  Model Slipway must have a reason but I can't work it out!

On to the back now.  I used my Vernier callipers to measure 1.5mm down from the door opening and then marked off a stryrene strip to give me the same level accross the rest of the panel (part 59).  The Liferaft canister box fits onto the back of part 58 and I cut the inside of the section to be removed having dry fitted the canister box against it.  The CNC cut then gives a positive location for the canister box to fit (NB I have since discovered doing this means part 58 is the wrong way round so don't do this!!), though with a little sanding of the box.   Having checked my reference photos and plans, I may modify this part but I'm still thinking about that.

This photo shows the front of the wheelhouse with only the side windows and one front panel to be fitted, as well of course as the roof.  The cabin lights have to go in before the roof though.  Also, I've found through test fitting that the side roof panels are slightly over size.  Ordinarily, that would be good, but becuase the front side roof panels have a diagonal crease, it's important that they are the right size so that the crease runs accurately from corner to corner.  Really, it's another lesson for me that I should test fit parts first - so don't make the same mistake as me as I'll have to cut new parts.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Powered Up

Progress has been a little slow of late, but I have, at least temporarily, fitted the electronics.

Essentially, this has meant making the servo box and battery trays plus mounts for the ESCs.  The main motor ESCs will just be velcroed in place.  I used an inverse T strip to slide the bow thruster ESC on to as that had worked in the Trent.  I need to try moving the battery trays around once the boats finished but they're ok for now.  The cables will need a tidy up too.

I've also moved into the 21st century and gone brushless.  The motors are Overlander 3548/5s with Hawk 60A ESCs.  I've fitted 40mm 5 blade props and an using two 9.6v NiMh battery packs.  I've no idea yet about run time, but on its first run out the boat was very fast, possibly a little too fast!  It was though very responsive and the motors remained cool.  That in itself is good news as the Graupner Speed 600 Ecos in my Trent run very hot.

Back to building the wheelhouse now...