Monday, 25 March 2013

Stretching the Point

Frankly I'm questioning the sanity of my project to enhance the wheelhouse interior.  It feels like I've been doing it for ages!  Anyhow, to coin a phrase I've started so I'll finish.

This time, I've been working on the framework behind the cox's seat - the front part of the stretcher island.  From what I can tell, the rear section is a removable low frame.

I started by cutting back the seat base to an angle to match the front part of the seat frame.  This is at the same angle as the other seats but runs to the cabin roof.  The front of the frame is just 3.2mm styrene tube with square tube towards the top in to which the stretcher frame attaches; though it is braced with 1.6mm brass rod.

The frame was then made with 3.2mm styrene, with the braces from 2mm brass.  The photos show how it all goes together - the the coin is just to stop the whole assembly toppling backwards.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Turning the Tables

I've not posted for a while because first, work on the Tamar slowed for a while and secondly because my camera broke so I had to get a new one.

The reconstruction of the coaming and cabin floor is coming on.  The floor is nearly done and the coaming cut down and now needs capping.  I was a shame to cut out what was a nice coaming molding but needs must.

I've also been carrying on my upgrade of the wheelhouse detail.  Work on the seats continues, as does work on the armrest controls for the SIMS system and the throttle and steering controls for the helm and cox's seats.

I have though finished the navigator's table, as shown below.

This is a little guess work with the table top measurements taken from the RNLI plans but the rest was guess work from photos.  It's probably not 100% accurate but it's a reasonable guess.  I've got a chart to go on after painting as well!

Next up is the framework behinsd the cox's seat.