Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Doors

So progress has been a little slow of late for a reason.  I was cycling to work one day in December and a car decided it wanted to join me in the bus lane.  I braked to avoid him/her and the bike skidded and went from under me.  Cue several trips to hospital, a screw in my right scaffoid and a rather natty plaster.  So my boat building has been somewhat limited, and will be for at least 6 more weeks.

Had been working on rebuilding and the fitting the Y-boat recess; which I'd mostly finished before being put in cast.  Since the rebuild is essentially what I'd built earlier, but with with extra care taken, I've not got a separate picture of that.  What I do have though is pic of it being held in place during fitting.  I used styrene glue on the join with the transom itself onto the supporting strip and epoxy to glued to the underside of the deck.  The 6x3mm styrene support strip I'd added to the back of the recess itself in order to keep the structure rigid came in handy for giving the clamps something to grip!

Now here's the finished article, filled and smoothed in.  I glued 1mm styrene underneath the deck to give a smooth finish there.  I've also put the servo which will be used to operate the door in shot.  I've made a bracket for the servo from styrene and that screws onto plywood mounts epoxied into the hull.

Just a few bits to finish off in there now, the support brackets, what appears to be a step and the plumbing/wiring at the fore end of the recess.  Hopefully those are bits I can do with one arm in plaster!