Friday, 3 July 2015

Radar Gun pt1

Progress has been halted lately as a result of another hobby; I've broken another hand mountain biking. Hopefully a quicker recovery this time but who knows.  This staying healthy lark is unhealthy!

Before trying to rip my thumb apart, I made a start on the radar.  Jackie at Model Slipway very kindly sent me the resin radar they now send with the kit instead of the vac form that came with mine.  It's a big improvement...

The problem for me though is motorising the radar arm.  I want the motor to be in the radar housing itself so the mast can fold.  I considered drilling out the resin but it would have been really tricky and my motor is I think fractionally too big.  So, back to the drawing board.  I've come up with a two part box with a removable top just in case.  At the moment, it's just the basic box former; the plan is to add shape with 0.5mm styrene panels or filler or a combination of both.

That the progress so far, more when I'm fixed!