Thursday, 19 April 2012

Open Sesame

I am now back to working on the Y Boat compartment and transom door.  I've joined the flat part of the floor to the sides of the Y boat compartment.  This took lots of test fitting and measuring and a 2mm strip added to the sie pieces.  Dry fitting so a pretty good fit.  I tried using clear sheet (it was the only 0.5mm thick sheet I had) for the curved back of the compartment but it didn't really work so I need to buy some ordinary styrene sheet.

I toyed with the idea of having a removeable floor as per the kit for access to the rudder posts.  I couldn't  figure out how to make it work though due to the shape of the floor on my version.  So, I've gone prototypical and made access hatches in the floor.  All shown below with some of the runners attached as well.

The transom door is also taking shape.  I've used the original hull for the outside and syrene inside.  The 3 handles on the inside were made from styrene tube cut in half and 2mm brss rod.  These were painted before fitting(see the first photo below).  It all seemed to ho together smoothly but once dry disaster.  The inside face had bowed in dispite a reinforcing strip inside.  I can only guess that as the filler I used on the top and bottom dried, it pulled the inside face in.  So, more filler and I now have a near flat surface.  A lot more effort than I anticipated but worth it.  This is shown below with the various fillers clearly visible!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Jolly Hockey Sticks

Well some would call it the slipway skid, others the hockey stick and still others the ski.  Whatever it's name I have fitted it to the hull.  It took a fair amount of filler to blend in and I reckon that priming the hull will show that more blending is needed.  For now though, I think it looks good.
The support is made up of several diameter styrene tubes, starting at 3.2mm which is glued through the hull, out to 7.9mm.

The crew figures for the Trent are getting there too.  Detailed painting is underway as below.
Next on the to do list is the Transom door.  I was going to make the Y boat compartment first but decided the door should be made first.  See how I'm getting on next time.