Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tamar Beginnings

I know the Trent's not quite finished but I've begun building the Tamar.  Well, I'm still waiting for some bits from Squires and the trim tabs are still in development.

First up, I built 2 of the wheelhouse formers: the cabin floor and rear bulkhead and the roof former.  I wanted to push on before working on the hull but really that's as as I can get on the wheelhouse until the deck is on the hull.  But that means thinking about how I'm going to make the transom door operate and that's too much for my brain at the moment!
So, I thought I may as well get on with the hull and hope transom door inspiration comes my way.  So it's on with the first wave of deck supports and hull openings.  The hull openings have been chain drilled  for the prop shafts, rudders, bilge keels and, using the very handy templates in the instructions, for the bow thruster.  Some of the measurements, especially for the prop shafts were not easy to mark up given the hull shape but all done in rough, lots of filing to come....

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It's all in the Detail Pt3

I know, I know, it's been too long since I last posted but things have been a little hectic as I'm moving house.  However, I have started work on the Tamar, albeit several months later then planned before packing it up.  Pics of the initial hull work will be up in a post soon.

Anyhow, back to the Trent.  The trim tab mounts are nearing completion and were looking good last time I saw them.  Thank goodness I have a friend with a milling machine!

So, to the final catalogue of my mods to the boat, this time focussing on the stern and flybridge:
18  modified the flybridge rails slightly (also hope to add small storage nets on either side soon-ish)
19  added the radio handsets and boxes
20  added the searchlight storage boxes - behind the helm's backrest
21  reshaped the liferaft frames
22  modified the X boat box to the newer larger size
23  added the XP boat motor under the step - I will also scratch build the emergency tiller shortly which is stored in the same place
24  modified the engine room escape hatch to the current flatter design
25  built the recesses for the exhaust outlets and added oil overflow pipes
26  added the trim tab supports - I'll post about the trim babs once they are finished
27  reshaped parts of the supports on the stern rail and added fenders which were kindly molded for me, along with the lifebelts by a friend from my local boat club

There, I think that's about it.  There are a few bits and pieces left, like the tiller and the block and tackle on the A frames, but that's for the future.  Oh, and of course I've the crew figures to make!