Sunday, 20 July 2014

Inside Looking Out

So, at long last I've finished the wheelhouse interior.  Or at least I hope I have!

Rather than a detailed description, I'll just post a number of photos and a short list of what I've done (some of which is detailed in earlier posts)

Modified seats
Scratch built seat bases
SIMS, steering and throttle controls for the seats
Framework behind cox's seat
Non slip panels on seat bases
Engineer's Console (with LED backlight)
Nav 2 Table
Pyrotechnics box

I also altered the seat layout from what's printed on the cabin floor.  That meant the doctor and nav 2 seats are too far back to slide the floor in using the kit tab system.  So, I've added squares of styrene to the floor and correspondingly on the underside of the wheelhouse which are pinned through.  Also, the floor had warped in both planes so I've used steel rod to add strength and correct the warp instead of the  ribs from the kit.  The underside of the floor's a bit of a mess but no-one's going to see it!  The two wires are for the LED in the engineer's console.