Friday, 15 January 2016

I'm Back

Indeed I am and with more metalwork in my hand!  I've parked the radar for the time being and have been working on other things.  I spent a long time trying to paint the hull - my stand kept marking the hull resulting in several sessions of rubbing it back.  Ultimately, stripped the whole lot back and started again using a new primer from a MBM Forum member recommendation.  Here's a pic - I've not bee brave enough to put it on a stand yet though!

One casualty has been the bilge keel extensions in that they broke and will have to be remade.  I've also found that the floor of the Y boat recess is slightly off centre, so that will need work.  It must have been when I remade it a while back.

Aside from that, all I've done is make up the whip aerial brackets.  The etch parts with the kit are lovely but I wanted to be able to raise and lower the aerials, at least by hand but there's no east way of doing that with the etched parts.  So I made some styrene replacements;

There are slots through which small tabs attached to each mast will pass which can then be pinned in place.  On the real boat, the pins are spring loaded and pulled by a cord from below.  My pins will have to go in from the top though!