Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Wheelhouse Rock

I've been on hols for a week so less progress than usual and only one pic.  However, I'm pleased with what I have done.  The roof is now on the wheelhouse.  A little filler was needed but I'm happy with the results.  I still need to reinforce the inside joints.  Rather than single 1mm thick strip, I'm going to use 0.5mm strip scored down the middle.

One holiday related link was that we went to see a Tamar.  Turns out the port engine vent runs down below the flybridge floor; it's about twice as long as the kit part.  So, I'm going to order some more styrene from Squires and build an alternative flybridge floor and see if I can model it with the larger vent.  If not, the kit parts are in reserve.  More on that next time hopefully.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lighting the Way

I've been working on two things over the last couple of weeks.  First, I've been working on the cabin lighting realising that once the roof's on, fitting lighting would be much harder.  So having been persuaded by a club member to use LEDs rather than conventional bulbs, I made a trip to my local Maplins.  LEDs, resistors and circuit board bought, I've soldered leads on and am half way through the whole circuit.  The other half can wait until the cabin is finished and I've worked out all of the wiring routing.  The photo shows the LED and some wiring conduits in place.  This will all be painted black before the roof goes on.

I've also been working on the boxes on the flying bridge (or upper steering position [USP]).  The plans I got from the RNLI show these with rounded edges which I've tried to do.  I also decided to ditch part 72 on the port engine vent box and make a replacement frame from styrene strip.  This will give some depth to the vent once the grill is on.

Next up is the cabin roof, flying bridge floor and finishing the front off.