Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Third Rail

I've been busy doing bits and pieces to the Tamar but also being distracted by other projects.

Work still continues on the wheelhouse interior but on a changes of tack, I decided to try to get the wheelhouse itself ready for painting in the hope of some reasonable spray painting weather this summer.  It's surprising just how much work remains.  I also wanted to work out the mast servo linkage so that can be planned and as much installed as possible pre-painting.  That's still causing a little head scratching.

Still, I've made up the rear section of railing on the wheelhouse that goes around the pump box.  The curved section was formed first using a suitable sized former; in this case a small glass bottle.

The storage boxes don't open, but I wasn't happy simply drawing a line on after painting to represent them.  So, using a template from 0.5mm styrene, I scribed the shut lines.  To stop the template slipping I tack glued them in place although used a little too much glue on one side.  So, filler was used to hide the battle scars.

Also done is the rail on the front storage boxes.  I have to adjust the length of the main railing sections, hence small filled holes as they were slightly too short.

Now it's back to some serious head scratching to solve the mast mechanism...