Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bridge Over Troubled Water

So, I thought I had made a big step forward in fitting the Y-Boat recess.  However, once I'd epoxyed it in, it didn't look square.  I couldn't fathom out what was wrong so it came out.  Unfortunately, that was quite a destructive process so save for the flat part of the floor, a total rebuild is needed.  This is what's left!

While that's ongoing, I've been making the sliding 'bridge' that bridges the gap between the transom door and transom when the door opens.

My first plan was to make balsa formers for the underside and then to attach the rubbing strips directly above so not to stress the styrene too much; I've used 0.25mm styrene for the main part and 1.5x3.2mm strips for the rubbing strips.  However, the result was very wavey and an attempt at warming in the oven to straighten it out ended in disaster!

So, the mark 2 version - pic below, was preshapped but taping the styrene to a spaghetti storage jar and heating in the oven.  That worked a treat.  The only problem is that the balsa formers stop the piece moving properly as the door opens.

So, for the mark 3 version, the rubbing strips were also fixed around the spaghetti jar and heated.  Hey presto, it's worked and this is the result.

Quite a lot of work for a what appears to be a simple result!