Saturday, 11 March 2017

Pump up the Volume

So this post shows a lesson in checking references properly!  I've been working on the pump box and the hand/guard rail.

The hand rail was fairly straight forward especially once I'd found something of the right diameter to use as a former.  The harder part for me was the uprights.  First because my soldering could still do with improving and secondly to get the lengths right given the deck camber.  So, I cut them over long, solder onto the rail and removed to engine hatches so that I could use the deck to mark the right length for each.  (Only the base plates for the uprights to make.)

The pump box should have been easy; make lid and attach to drum.  Unfortunately for me, I used my RNLI drawings and not my photos.  The plans show the pump box square to the vertical rather than just sitting on the deck.  So, I made and fitted an angled fillet for the pump box.  Then I looked at my photos and realised my mistake.  Off with the fillet and feeling a little daft for wasting time on it!

The last part to make were the securing straps from the etched brass parts.  I pinned into a piece of balsa and then soldered on centre disc.

Job done.

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