Monday, 16 January 2017

Y Don't You

Right, New Year, new post.  I've been making slow and sometimes steady progress with my build but allow this blog to go on hiatus without meaning to!

I had a bit of a disaster with the wheelhouse which will need a respray when the weather improves.  I had made the front windows too tight a fit and broke the wheelhouse trying to fit them.  So this pic shows the panel in question after re-gluing and rubbing down as it's easier to see where the problem was;

I've also been working on the Y-Boat and Y Boat recess.  When I was making the recess for spraying, I noticed that the rubbing strips and hatches where slightly off-set to port.  I can only think that this happened when I rebuilt the compartment and I must have glued the sides in the wrong place.  So that meant removing and in some cases remaking the rubbing strips.  I also had to adjust the hatch openings to move them slightly to starboard.  These photos shows the work half way through and zoomed in just about shows what went on.

And then finished;

Next up is the Boat itself.  I got hold of a Speedline Models Y-Boat kit which I think is an improvement on the supplied Y-Boat but at a cost of course.  First job was to to join the tubes and then shorten them to fit the Y Boat compartment of my kit.

Then I did a fair fir of filling, rubbing down and priming several times to get a decent joint of the tube halves.  Then followed the fittings which were a combination of the vac formed Speedline parts and others made out of 0.25 'styrene where I thought the vac-form wasn't right.

I've also made progress with the transom door and deck hatches so more on that next time...

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