Sunday, 24 April 2016

Mast(erbalster) part 4

This time I've been doing more work to the mast.

I've made the H aerial using various bits of styrene, aluminium tube and brass rod.  On the basis that a picture speaks a thousand words...

and after

The lights all work too.  I've made up a circuit board to run separate circuits for the cabin lighting, navigation lighting and SIMS screen.  I'll post about that board in a future post.  Also, A fellow club member made a couple of small circuit boards up for me so that the blue and orange lights flash separately.

So, here's a picture showing all the lights on, which caught the blue and orange ones on.  I'm both relieved and impressed that he wiring inside the mast still works!


  1. Phil,
    Where did you get the maxt lights from, i am having difficulty sourcing them.

  2. I made the mast nav lights as I couldn't find any either. They are flat top LEDs inside, I think from Technobots. The lenses were made from acrylic tube bought from eBay and I think I just searched for it; can't remember the seller. I then made the tops from styrene sheet and put a small piece of bare metal foil on the inside of the top as a reflector. I then sprayed the port and starboard lenses with clear red and green before masked a small band around the sense and then sprayed the rest black.
    Hope that helps.